Armadillo v1.4
Plugin based on parametric arrays along path curves. It can create wide range of solutions: from a simple array along one curve to complex ribs and paneling systems, with extensive set of transformation features and interactive preview.

FlatWorms v1.1
RhinoScripted plugin generating 2D outlines from curves. It creates width-preview meshes that can be driven by various parameters; mesh precision settings and preview mode are available along with tools for smart curve/polyline conversion.

ArrayCrvPLUS v2.0 (FREE)
Distributes items along path curves or path curves on surfaces ( polysurfaces, meshes ). It will array any number of items along any number of curve paths. Parameters can be adjusted with preview functionality.
In addition, while arraying curves or points, ArrayCrvPLUS can automatically create Loft/Sweep1 surfaces or InterpolatedCurves based on created array of profile items.

SmoothRestoreView v1.2 (FREE)_Enables animated NamedViews transitions with ViewCapture and Rendering option.

Image-Based Circle Packing v1.0 (FREE)
Circle Packing using image luminance data to control radius.